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Imran Khan

For more than thirty years, Imran Khan has been enthusiastically encouraging millions around the world about the importance of owning their own business based on his belief that in today’s world economy, the only choice for most people to economically grow is to take control of their own financial destiny, rather than relying on an employer for job security.

Imran, during his professional and business career, has consulted and researched hundreds of businesses. He has founded, or co-founded, more than a dozen start-up businesses, several achieving millions of dollars in valuation and one reached ‘the magical’ billion dollars.

His extensive and varied experiences cover all aspects of manufacturing to retail; low value fast moving consumer goods to high value real estate; traditional sales to direct sales and more recently, Digital marketing.

Imran Khan has been a renowned name in the Real Estate Industry as he has been the founder and the owner of the third largest Real Estate Company in the UAE.